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I have recently converted to a modest web site a Hyperstudio project on The Postman. I created this project in 1996. It suggests the state of the country alluded to in various places in the novel. The essential action of the novel has been greatly distilled but still offers a few major checkpoints that readers can hang onto. The overall theme advanced in the novel ends the project. This addition to my Postman site can be accessed through this link.

The Postman is a fictional tale that takes on many of the problems and choices facing people in the real world--such as what it takes to be a 'citizen' in a complex society ... and how we sometimes take for granted many of the little things that hold civilization together. Things that show how much we share in common.

Both the original novel, by David Brin, and the Warner Brothers motion picture, directed by and starring Kevin Costner, deal with these issues in fascinating and provocative ways that can be used to stimulate valuable class discussion. This web site has been set up, with sample questions and discussion themes, in order to help teachers make use of this opportunity, tying current topics to a popular book and film.

The first section deals with the general story of The Postman, as seen in the Kevin Costner film. Among the issues raised are citizenship, courage, responsibility, and the role that individuals often are called upon to play in a culture that is under stress. Students are asked whether patriotism is obsolete, or if it still has some validity in the modern era. They are encouraged to put themselves in a situation where nearly everything they take for granted has been lost, and to ponder what it would take for civilization to restore itself.

The second section offers a more extended curriculum for those students and classes who decide to read the original novel, exploring many of the same issues in depth, using a variety of literary metaphors and themes.

We would like to express our gratitude to Warner Brothers and Bantam Books for the use of many images from the film and book.

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