A knowledge of Latin is not necessary to understand the novel. In almost all instances the meaning can be deduced from the context. Frequently the meaning is given. Following are translations of the Latin Miller used. They are separated by chapter and are chronological. One German and a few Hebrew, and Greek phrases are included.

Chapter 1
Adonoi Elohim
-King of All
Apage Satanas -Depart, Satan
ex opere operato -of itself
et ne nos ... -Led us not into [temptation]
Libellis Leibowitz -little book of Leibowitz
Parum equidem te ... -(translated in the following text to the semicolon
Repugnans tibi ... -Something bothersome to me, I have dared to seek whatever seems more learned in faith, surer in hope or sweeter in love. Therefore who is more ignorant than me ...
O inscrutabilis ... -O unknowable tabulator of souls to whom every heart is open, if you have called me, once I fled from you. If however you now wish to call unworthy me ...
Libera me, Domini -Lord, deliver me from my vices, so I may desire only your will and work
Olla Allay -Good luck
Libera me ... -Lord, deliver me from my vices
ut solius ... -that I desire only your will and be conscious of your work, if you choose to call me

Chapter 2
A Spiritu -From the spirit of fornication
Domine, libera nos -Lord, deliver us
A morte perpetua -from eternal death
Peccatores -sinners
Te rogamus ... -We pray, hear us
ipso facto -by its very happening
servus puer -young slave
mihi amicus -friend to me (my friend)
Machina Analytica -analyzing machine [computer]
Beate Leibowitz ... -Blessed Leibowitz, pray for me
Sancte Leibowtiz ... -Saint Leibowitz, pray for me
ut solius ... -same as earlier
Promotor Fidei -one who determines matters of faith
Angelus Domini ... -The angel of the Lord announced to Mary

Chapter 4
Benedicamus Domino -Let us bless the Lord
Deo? gratias? -to God? Thanks?
Deo gratias -Thanks to God

Chapter 5
Mandatum novum ... -I give you a new commandment: that you love one another
Magister meus -my teacher
Beatus -The blessed [Leibowitz]

Chapter 6
Deo gratias -Thanks to God

Chapter 7
Ecce Inquisitor ... -Welcome the inspector of the Curia. Hidden and mysterious things. [signed] Abbot Arkos, A[bbey] o[f] L[eibowitz], Abbot
Ecce Inquisitor ... -Behold the Inspector of the Curia
Advocatus Diaboli -Devil's Advocate (one who offers objections)
Ecce quam ... -Behold how good and pleasant
Summa -set of books by Thomas Aquinas
Glorificemus -Let us glorify
Miserere me, Deus -God, have mercy on me
Beate Leibowitz ... -Blessed Leibowitz, hear me!

Chapter 9
Advocatus Diaboli -see previous
magisterium -official interpretion

Chapter 10
Sacerdos Magnus -great (high) Priest
Pappas -Pope
Dei imago -image of God
Magisterium -body of teaching (official beliefs)

Chapter 11
sampetrius -workman
Terribile est ... -(translation follows in text)
sampetrii -plural of sampetrius
(Cantors & Choir) -The shepherd approaches his feeding sheep. All knees must bend now. Once Jesus ordered Peter to feed the flock of the Lord. Behold the great Rock, the Pope. Therefore the People of Christ rejoice and thank the Lord. For we are taught by the Holy Spirit.
Sante Pater ... -Holy father, we beg from the greatest wisdom that Blessed Leibowitz whose many miracles are wondered at ...
Dulia -recognition
Gratissima nobis ... -Son, we are most thankful
Sub ducatu ... -under direction of the Holy Spirit
miserere nobis -have mercy on us
Sancta Dei ... -Holy mother of God, pray for us. Holy Virgin of virgins, pray for us
Omnes sancti ... -all the holy martyrs, pray for us
Veni Creator ... -Come Holy Creator
surgat ergo ... -Therefore let the Rock himself rise
Te Deum -(title of a hymn of praise) [to] You, God
sedarii -ushers
licet adire -permission to come
sedarius -singular of sedarii
scala caelestis -heavenly stairs [stairway]
cameralis gestor -butler
Ecce Petrus ... -Behold the Rock, the Pope
Mysticum Christi Corpus -mystical body of Christ [the whole church]
Noli molestare -Don't abuse

Chapter 13
SUB IMMUNITATE ... -Under the immunity of the papacy, this is given. Whoever dares to harm the messenger will be excommunicated. Sent by the Most Reverend Abbot Paul of the Pecos, Abbey of Leibowitz, who greets: Marcus Apollo, Papal ambassador to Texarkana
Accedite ad ... -Take it to him
Iterum oportet ... -Therefore you must take up your cross, friend.
Quidam mihi ... -This cup was recently offered me, Paul. Therefore pray God will make me stronger. I fear that I will die here. I hope you and your brothers often will speak for the fearful Marcus Apollo. Greetings in Christ, friend. Given at Texarkana on the Octave (eight days after the feast) of Saints Peter and Paul in the third millenium AD.
vespero mundi ... -expecting the end of the world

Chapter 14
logos -words
De Vestigiis ... -About the traces of prior civilizations
Cave canem -Beware the dog
Vexilla regis -banners of the king
Sancta Maisie ... -Saint Maisie intercede for me
Vexilla regis inferni ... -The banished are put down by the banner of the king
commedia -comedy
Ergo sum -Therefore I am
Stultus Maximus -The greatest fool
Haec commixtio -This commingling

Chapter 16
Memento, Domine ... -Lord, remember all your family

Chapter 17
ipso facto -by its very self
Salve Regina -(title of a song) Hail, Queen
Tibi adsum -I am here

Chapter 18
In principio ... -In the beginning God
Caelum et ... -created heaven and earth
Vacuus autem ... -however the earth was empty
Cum tenebris ... -and darkness on the face of the deep
Ortus est ... -The spirit of God arose on the waters
Gratias Creatori ... -Thanks to the spirit of the creator
Dixitque Deus ... -And God said: Let there be light.
Et lux ... -And light was made
Lucem esse ... -God saw that the light was good
Et secrevit ... -And he separated the light from the darkness
Lucem appellavit ... -He called the light 'day'
et tenebras ... -and the darkness 'night'
Vespere occaso -night has fallen
ortus est ... -and the first day has arisen

Chapter 20
Flectamus genua -Let us bend our knees
Levate -Rise
Oremus -Let us pray
et Spiritus -and the Holy Spirit.
Sedete -Be seated
ad absurdum -stupidly
et tu, Brute -And you, too, Brutus (from Julius Caesar)

Chapter 21
Regnans in Excelsis -(a papal document) Ruling from on High
Hic est ... -For this is the cup of my blood

Chapter 22
lege -read
ad Lumina ... -to the light of Christ
Nunc dimittis ... -Now dismiss your servant, Lord ... Because my eyes have seen the salvation

Chapter 23
Ego te ... -I absolve you
Cathartes aura ... -Thinkers ruling the sky

Chapter 24
Wir marschieren ... -We will march again when all have fallen to Hades
Proteus vulgaris -common proton
Kyrie eleison -Lord have mercy
Chiste eleison -Christ have mercy
eleison imas -have mercy on us
Hinc igitur ... -therefore go from here
Motu proprio -(a written directive from the pope)
Anno Domini -in the year of our Lord
Ab hac ... -We understand that some sons of the church must go from this planet of birth to other alien planets and never return
Quo peregrinatur ... -Where the flock with the shepherd may travel
Casu belli ... -The cause of war now far removed
Luciferum ruisse ... -Did you tell me that Lucifer had fallen
Quo peregrinatur grex -(the name of the plan to leave earth)
Chris'tecum -Christ be with you
Cum spiritu tuo -and with your spirit
et tu ... -and you Moon, go backward in your orbit
Diluvium Ignis -flood of fire

Chapter 25
Accedite ad eum -Approach him

Chapter 26
Non habemus ... -We have no king except Caesar
Grex peregrinus ... -The flock will be sent away. As soon as possible you must make it happen by order of the Holy See. Therefore undertake the proper part of the work of your calendar
Eminentissimo Domino ... -Abbot Jethra Zerchius, Abbey of Leibowitz, has received from the most Eminent Cardinal Eric Hoffstraff. I have already ordered the brothers to discuss these things so that they are prepared today to be sent to Rome at the beginning of spring.
Excita, Domine ... -Stir up your power, Lord, and come to save ...
Retrahe me ... -Get behind me, Satan, and go
Homo loquax... -Speaking humans, sometimes wise
Discede, Seductor ... -Go, shapeless seducer
Egrediamur tellure -We must leave the earth
abbas -father (abbot)
Audi me ... -Hear me, Lord
negotium perambulans ... -trouble walking in darkness
Reminiscentur et ... -All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord. And all the families of people will adore in his sight. Because it is the kingdom of the Lord; and He will rule
de essentia ... -of the essence of human beings
Unus Panis ... -(translated afterward in the text)
Annuntiabitur Domino ... -A coming generation will be announced to the Lord
Hoc officium ... -Son, may we place this burden upon you?
honorem accipiam -I will accept the honor
Crucis autem ... -However, if you heard the burden of the cross as honor, you have missed nothing with your ears
Accipiam -I will accept

Chapter 27
Mori Vult -He wishes to die.
Orbis Judicans ... -Deciding eye of conscientiousness
Oculum Poetae ... -Eye of the Judging Poet
Non cogitamus ... -We will not think, therefore we are nothing
Evenit diabolus -the devil arrives

Chapter 28
Domine, mundorum ... -Lord, Maker of all worlds, keep safe especially those sons rocketing to the stars of heaven which are conquered with more difficulty
alter Christus -another Christ

Chapter 29
Te absolvat ... -The Lord Jusus Christ absolves you; however I absolve you with his authority from every difficulty. Finally if you have sinned, I absolve you from your sins and I absolve you in the Name of the Father ...
Quid sum miser ... -(translation follows)
Fas est -It is done.
Homo inspiratus -breathing (also, inspired) man
Nisi baptizata ... -If none has baptized you and if you are not baptized, I baptize
Domine, non ... -Lord I am not worthy ... but only say the word
Magnificat anima -My soul extols the Lord
Magnificat anima ... -My soul extols the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my savior because he has seen the lowliness

Chapter 30
Sic transit gloria mundi -So passes the glory of the world